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Cut The Cable - Tubi and Pluto - Truly Free TV!

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

We all love free! And many of us miss the old days when there was something good on

network TV we could watch for free. Well reminisce no more! If you have a smart device

such as ROKU or Amazon FireStick or a smart TV you can take advantage of two of my favorite free TV and Movie apps...


TUBI TV reminds me of an older version of Netflix. They have thousands of TV shows and movies. There is small cost, for this wonderful service, of your time. There are commercials that pop up but they are not anything like the networks have gotten today! Check out TUBI TV, you wont regret it!


PLUTO TV is a little different than TUBI. Still supported by commercials PLUTO also has live broadcast "channels" unique to PLUTO. You can watch genera based live programming or you can view programs from the large list of TV shows and movies.

It's Very Easy To Get Started!

  1. Head to the App store of whatever smart TV device your watching from.

  2. Search for TUBI or PLUTO

  3. Download The App

  4. Click and Watch!

I highly recommend these two FREE (as of 2018) TV and movie streaming apps. Just two more reasons to CUT THE CABLE and escape the high prices of the Cable and Satellite companies!

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