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Are You Working With A Quality Salesperson?

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

So your out shopping and head over to the local retailer who's salespeople work off of commission. Before deciding to commit to a purchase make sure your salesperson has done a quality job and deserves your business. Here are 4 quick questions that let you know your working with a quality salesperson...

Are They Asking Pertinent Questions?

When you salesperson first approaches you do they seem to be in a hurry to sell you something or do they take their time to really get to know what it is your looking for and what experience you wish to have. A good salesperson will ask you lots of good questions that will lead them to a good recommendation...

Are They Listening To Your Answers?

Another sign of a quality salesperson is, not only do they ask great questions, they listen to what you are saying. If they keep trying to turn you over to products or services you have not claimed to have any interest in you may want to work with someone else.

Do They Rush You To A Wall Of Products?

I really cant stand it when a "salesperson" asks me what I'm looking for and immediately takes me to a wall of products and begins telling me their different features top to bottom, left to right. A good sales person will always gather information first and if they have listened well and really know their products, after having all the necessary info, they will take you right to their recommended product.

Do They Try To "HARD" Close You?

The "hard" close or what I like to call the "used car salesman approach" is what has made the consumer so standoffish of salespeople. Needless to say, I'm not a fan and I do not consider these types of salespeople to be professionals who build a long lasting clientele. A good salesperson should be more interested in making you feel special, appreciated and wanting for more. A lifelong relationship is better than a quick sale...

Once upon a time you would enter a retail store and the salesperson was also the owner or one of their family members. Today that is not the usual case, unless your dealing with me ;) so you have to find the salesperson that acts like the business owner. They will be more concerned with making you a longtime customer and less time on closing a quick deal for the day.

Remember to, you have the right to request a different salesperson on a commission sales floor and managers will likely turn you over to a good one because they want you to be a lifelong customer as well...

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