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Cut The Cable - YouTube TV's Exciting Features!

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

I appreciate all of the streaming cable TV services and recommend my clients move over to them and "cut the cable" from the Cable and Satellite companies. If you live in Las Vegas though, one service stands above the others, at least in my opinion.

Local TV Without An Antenna!

Unlike many of the other cable network streaming services, YouTube TV offers ALL of the local Las Vegas networks, channels 3, 5, 8 and 13. They also offer all of the most popular cable network stations and sports networks.

Unlimited Recording Included

For all the programs that are not available on demand you have the ability to easily record them to your video library and watch then later.

Fairly Priced Add-Ons And Monthly Price

The best part of this service is the price, just $40 per month! YouTube TV also offers an nice selection of a la carte premium services at a great price. Add movie, sports and news premium services like Showtime and the NBA League Pass. One more thing that is worth mentioning is YouTube TV is month to month and there are never any contracts...

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