We Offer Las Vegas Audio Video Products And Services To Create The Best Home Entertainment Experiences!

We offer all the home theater and smart home products and services needed to create any audio / video experience your looking to get in your home. From the basic to the high end we offer a/v products for Las Vegas from the top manufactures in the consumer electronics industry.

We can create your dream home theater experience without detracting from your homes decor. Specializing in the "invisible" home theater with simple one touch control. Even the wife will love it!  

Home Theater

Experience music like never before! We love music and nothing beats a well put together two channel audio system. We specialize in the affordable high end audio systems.

High End Audio

Outdoor living is a really big deal in Las Vegas and we know how to make it awesome! Dozens of outdoor audio choices and even indestructible outdoor TV's, we can create the perfect outdoor entertainment experience for you!

Outdoor Entertainment

Dream of hearing your favorite artists anywhere in the home and even outside in the yard, well we can make that dream a reality and make it simple to use! Nothing beats having audio in every room of the house!

Multi Room Audio

Afraid to get a nice home theater or home music system because it will be difficult to enjoy? We have the solution for that! With our one touch simple control remotes you can easily control everything, even from your phone!

One Touch Control

Today surveillance and security systems are almost becoming a must have. We offer systems that allow for self monitoring so you and your family are always aware of what is going on in and outside of the home...

Security & Surveillance 

With the touch of a single button you could close the shades, set lights to a certain level, start playing your favorite Pandora station and lock the front door. We love to setup smart homes and home automation systems. A truly great experince to have in your home.


The foundation of any good home entertainment system is the Network. All of your devices today are connected to the internet and a poorly put together network will only cause issues and frustration. We build quality networks!

Powerful Home Network

If you have the space for it we have the products to create that dedicated theater room you've been dreaming of. From projectors and screens to dozens of sound options to exceed your needs and budget & we work well with decorators.

Dedicated Theater Room

We have the ability to take care of your furniture needs as well. Not just specialized audio / video furniture, we can take care of your entire home with a collection of fully customizable living room, bed room & dining room furniture.

A/V Furniture


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